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Welcome to hospitality Wi-Fi with Violet Communications! We understand that seamless connectivity is paramount in the hospitality industry, where guests expect consistent internet access throughout their visit and staff rely on maximum productivity for their devices. Our comprehensive Wi-Fi solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of hospitality businesses, providing robust indoor and outdoor coverage to ensure guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Discover our tailored solutions and how they can set your business apart.

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Key features & benefits:

Seamless roaming

  • Customers can move freely throughout your establishment without losing Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Staff can use internet powered devices such as: PDQ’s, Wi-Fi handsets, tablets etc anywhere on site. 
  • No need for multiple Wi-Fi networks, have a single connection for your entire premises

Bandwidth limitation

  • Prioritise internet bandwidth for company devices to ensure your systems are running at optimum levels at all times
  • Limit bandwidth for specific usage on your guest Wi-Fi 
  • Control bandwidth in high-traffic times so Wi-Fi performance is as smooth as possible 

Data capture

  • Custom branded landing pages 
  • Collect accurate customer data to help with your marketing strategies, fully compliant with GDPR
  • Manage your setup and data anywhere and anytime through your cloud portal

Indoor and outdoor access points

  • Full Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire premises, both indoors and out
  • Seamless roaming between indoor access points and outdoor access points
  • Consistent and reliable performance across the entire system

Wi-Fi Marketing

Take your Wi-Fi to the next level with a built in marketing platform. Collect customer data through branded landing pages, push promotions via email and SMS, collect reviews, complaint management and much more. 

Review gathering

Enhance your online reputation by prompting customers to leave a review. All positive feedback go straight to your online profile whereas negative reviews remain in the portal.

Email marketing

Smart email automation allows you to get messages to your customers when you need them to. Create personalised emails to push promotions, offers and even birthday deals!

Data capture

Build a database of accurate customer data including email addresses, mobile numbers and connect up to 4 social media accounts allowing you to reach out to them in the future.

Customer case study

The Beehive, St Albans


  • Using two separate broadband connections to provide enough speed and coverage
  • Using old PSTN telephone lines 
  • Poor coverage and black spots in certain areas 


  • Hardwired Wi-Fi access points throughout premises, both indoors and outside
  • Full fibre line installed with download speeds of up to 1000Mbps (1GB)
  • Main telephone number ported onto Evonex hosted cloud telephone platform with new Yealink handsets


  • Consistent Wi-Fi speeds throughout entire pub 
  • Reduced two broadband connections to a single fibre connection 
  • Future proofed entire setup including telephone system and connectivity 
  • Overall improved experience for staff and customers


How much will it cost to upgrade my Wi-Fi system?

There is no set cost for a new Wi-Fi system, it is all dependent on the size of your premises, equipment, cabling and your requirements. If you have a budget in mind, we can work with you to achieve a system which is suitable and fit for purpose.

Can I upgrade my Wi-Fi system and still use my existing broadband connection?

Yes, we can run a new system from your existing broadband connection and still give you access to all the available features. Ideally, we would like to take control of  your broadband connection so we have full responsibility of the system.

How will my new Wi-Fi system be managed?

We have full remote access to your system through the cloud portal meaning we can access this and make changes at any time. 

Am I allowed to collect customer data through Wi-Fi?

Yes, the Social Wi-Fi platform we use for our hospitality clients is fully compliant with GDPR regulations and users have to accept terms and conditions when logging in.

What factors can affect the performance of my Wi-Fi system?

There are a few factors which can bring the performance of your Wi-Fi system down including: broadband speeds, physical obstacles, signal interference. To ensure your new Wi-Fi system is running optimally, we will complete a survey before installation and strategically place your access points.

Can I easily scale my Wi-Fi system?

Yes, our Wi-Fi systems are very flexible and can be scaled up or down depending on changes in your business. We will work with you to manage this process and support you then onwards.

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