Leased lines

Take your business connectivity to the next level with a dedicated fibre connection.

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Uncontended bandwidth, Unlimited potential

For organisations that require ultra-fast and reliable internet performance at all times, a leased line is your best connectivity option.

What makes a leased line different?

A leased line involves installing a single connection direct from the local exchange straight into your business premises. In doing this, the end user eliminates sharing bandwidth with other users on the existing copper network and therefore receives a more consistent and reliable connection at all times. A leased line also includes a fixed SLA (Service Level Agreement) from the network meaning if your line goes down they will have it back up and running in a certain time period.

Symmetrical speeds

Fixed SLA's

Uncontended bandwidth

Increase speeds

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24/7 Support

Only pay for the speeds you need

A great benefit of a dedicated leased line is the ability to flex your speeds up or down alongside your business growth. Installing a 1Gb bearer means you can have download and upload speeds up to 1Gbps and any speed in between. This allows businesses to keep costs down by only paying for the speeds they need at that time and increasing them as their business grows. This also works in the opposite way by decreasing bandwidth if you are looking to scale back.

Flexible business connectivity

Is a leased line suitable for you?

Do you need a consistent connection at all times?

If you need guaranteed download and upload speeds throughout the entire day and can’t afford to have drop-outs, a leased line is the best product for you. We will help you decide on what speed is suitable for your usage and you even have the option to increase in the future.

Are you transferring high volumes of data?

Transferring, downloading and uploading large files can often be a tedious process if you don’t have the bandwidth to cater for your usage. Installing a leased line will ensure you have enough speed to maximise your productivity and get things done quicker!

Do you experience drops in internet performance throughout the day?

During peak and high-traffic times it is common to experience drops in your internet performance as more people in the area are connecting to the internet. The benefit of a leased line is that you don’t share the bandwidth with anyone else and it is solely for your business use.

Need peace of mind with a fixed SLA?

One of the biggest differences with a lease line in comparison to standard broadband connection is the fixed SLA (Service Level Agreement). This means that any faults will be fixed within a given number of hours which is agreed prior to the line being installed.

Don’t have access to any high-speed broadband products?

In some cases a leased line may be your only option to get access to high-speed internet. This will usually be businesses in rural areas where the broadband network hasn’t been developed as much as other parts of the country. 

Is your current connectivity setup future-proof?

With a leased line being a fibre optic product, it is future proof for the upcoming ISDN/PSTN switch-off. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to worry about upgrading ever again once you have this product installed.