Examples of some of our latest projects


The Engineer pub

We were tasked with future proofing this pubs telecommunications setup as well as improving the Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the entire premises, both indoors and out. Their previous setup relied on two separate broadband connections to provide enough speed to power their own devices, a private staff network and a pubic guest network. Also, their telephone system was still running on traditional ISDN so this needed to be upgraded. Wi-Fi performance throughout the pub, especially in the outside seating areas, was poor and this is something that the owner was keen on improving.

The first step of the new system was to get a new connectivity line installed and one that could provide enough speed to cover all of their requirements. We decided to go for a product called fibre to the premises which is a fibre optic line providing only data with download speeds of up to 1000mb (1GB)! This removes the need for the customer to have two separate lines and is giving them a much faster and consistent connection.

Once the fibre line had been installed, the next step was to future proof their telephone system. We ported their main telephone number onto the Evonex cloud system, a hosted telephony platform. Paired with a couple of Yealink dect handsets, this allowed the pub to completely remove the copper ISDN lines which we previously associated with business. Their setup is now completely cloud based and future proof for the upcoming BT switch off.

Finally, we tackled the problem of the poor Wi-Fi coverage around the building. A site survey was carried out by our engineers to ensure we knew exactly how many access points would be required, where they would need to go and if any additional cabling would be required. We used Ubquiti’s UniFi platform for this system and a total of 5 access points was required, 4 indoors and 1 outdoors. The pub is now one big Wi-Fi hotspot and you can get a consistent connection no matter where you are. We created two networks on the platform, a private one for their staff and a public one for their customers to access. Bandwidth is prioritised for their own devices meaning in peak hours they won’t notice a drop off in performance of their card machines, tills, smart TVs etc.


George Davies Turf

When dealing with George Davies Turf, a renowned company in the turf industry, our mission was to help identify how we could reduce the cost of their mobile fleet. At the time, they were shopping directly the Vodafone network and while happy with performance, wanted to see how they could reduce their monthly rental. We took a review of their plan and data usage amongst their staff as well as talking through any changes they may want to make.

With Violet being an independent provider, we were able to source them a significantly more cost-effective deal than their current plan, whilst remaining on the Vodafone network. This helped George Davies Turf save over £2400 across a 24-month term! In addition to their incredible savings, they now have access to a personal account manager with 24/7 support, allowing them to build a successful, long-lasting relationship with the team.


The Rose and Crown pub

The main task for the Rose and Crown was to improve the Wi-Fi coverage throughout the pub. They also have a converted barn in the garden which is used for private functions and the coverage here was significantly poor which was causing issues for the owner. The first step was to complete a site survey so we could fully understand the layout of the building as well as the best route to cable across to the barn so we could hardwire an access point. The previous setup consisted of a mesh system and the signal between the wireless access points wasn’t adequate enough to provide enough speed for a busy pub, especially in the summer time, so we knew we had to improve upon this.

Once we installed the new system, we noticed a huge spike in both upload and download speeds throughout the building, in the outside seating area and most importantly the barn conversion. This is down to strategic placement of the access points as well as using a hard wired system in comparison to a wireless mesh. We also setup a custom landing page for the guest Wi-Fi network, enabling the owner of the pub to collect customer email addresses so they can push promotions, collect reviews and special offers in the future.

Since then, we have also future proofed the connectivity and telephone system at the pub. Using a new broadband product called SoGEA, the customer was able to upgraded from their previous fibre to the cabinet connection which completely removed the need for a copper landline. We also ported their main telephone number onto the Evonex cloud platform and paired this with Yealink W62H handsets.

Telephone system

Martin Woolman Limited

Violet were tasked by the team at Martin Woolman to upgrade their telephone system and connectivity to future proof their telecommunications in preparation for the upcoming ISDN switch off. We visited their site in Welwyn Garden City to discuss their requirements and get an idea of the layout of the building to help us build a proposal which was suitable for them and their budget. We opted to upgrade them to the Evonex cloud platform which is suited for small to medium sized businesses whilst still providing the features and flexibility required. They also had access to the new SoGEA broadband product which was a fantastic upgrade to their existing FTTC connection so we included this in the proposal to further future proof the system.

By upgrading to the Evonex cloud platform, Martin Woolman were able to significantly reduce their monthly rental in comparison to their previous setup which was fantastic. Not only this, they are now enjoying the benefits of a hosted telephone system, providing more flexibility in the workplace. Their telecommunications setup is now fully future proof in preparation for the ISDN switch off so they won’t have to worry about upgrading again in the future.

Telephone & connectivity services

Certax Accounting

When we originally spoke with the customer they were dissatisfied with the service and quality of their telephone system and internet connectivity. The biggest issue was when members of staff transferred calls between their handsets, the call would often re-dial back to their main number or cut out completely. This was causing a lot of disruption in the day to day running of the business and causing them to miss out on a lot of new business as well. They also expressed concerns about the internet connection they had in place, speeds were not optimal as members of staff would often be uploading large files or on live teams calls so we needed to find a solution to fix this issue. 

The first step was to solve the internet problem and get the customer connected to a much faster and reliable connection. We recommended a product called Fibre to the Premises, which is full fibre optic cable laid directly from the local exchange to the end user’s premises. After placing an order, the customer was successfully using the new line within a couple of weeks and is now providing them with up to 1000mb download speeds and 115mb upload speeds, more than 10x the speed of their previous connection. The next step was to solve the issue of the telephone system. We moved their main office number across to our hosted cloud platform, Evonex, which is a feature rich, ultra-resilient VoIP telephone platform. We paired the platform with new Yealink handsets and set these up for the customer whilst also managing the features so the system was tailored to their needs. 

Since installing our services, Certax Accounting are now enjoying a more efficient, reliable and suitable system. The new internet connection is providing them with much faster and consistent speeds allowing staff members to be more productive throughout the day. The telephone system is working correctly and set up around their needs. Overall, upgrading their system with Violet has significantly improved the operations of the business and they now have a relationship with a trusted provider who understands their business. 


The Beehive pub

The owner of the Beehive was previously using two separate broadband connections with two separate routers to combat the lack of connectivity throughout the pub. One was being used in the upstairs office for a private network and their own devices whilst another was being used downstairs for guest Wi-Fi. Violet were tasked with reducing the number of broadband connections to a single line providing enough bandwidth for the customer’s requirements, as well as installing a brand new Wi-Fi system to help with coverage around the site.

We opted for a 1GB fibre to the premises line for the connectivity as this would provide more than enough speed plus a consistent connection in peak times. For the Wi-Fi system, we used TP Link’s Omada hardware and controller with a mixture of access point models to cover both indoor and outsider areas.

The pub now has consistent upload and download speeds throughout the entire premises significantly improving the experience for both their own and their customers devices.