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A reliable broadband connection is extremely important for businesses in today’s digital landscape. It serves as the backbone for communication, collaboration, and operational efficiency. By choosing Violet as your connectivity provider, you get access to all the latest future-proof products available in today’s market. We will work with you to understand your requirements and advise on the best solution for your needs. 

Future-proof products

SoGEA superfast broadband

SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access and provides your business with a broadband connection without being reliant on a traditional PSTN line. SoGEA is the future proof form of a standard fibre to the cabinet connection and a great product for businesses who don’t have a large volume of internet usage and want to future proof their connectivity.


The next level up from SoGEA is, aimed towards businesses who require more speed at a more consistent rate. Often used as a low cost alternative to a leased line, is also a single order product meaning it doesn't require a landline and is future proof for the ISDN switch off.


FTTP - Fibre to the Premises

The best connectivity product behind a leased line is fibre to the premises, providing the end user with incredible speeds at extremely cost effective rates. Fibre to the premises includes installing a fibre optic line direct from the local exchange into your building without using any copper products. With a wide range of bandwidth options this is the go to product for all types of business if they have access to the network.



CityFibre is the UK's largest independent Full Fibre infrastructure platform being rolled out across hundreds of cities, towns and villages across the country. Get access to full fibre technology completely separate from the BT/Openreach network depending on your location. Speak with our team to see if you can get access to their products.


Local service, national coverage

Here at Violet, we understand that having a good relationship with the suppliers of your business is important, so why should connectivity be any different? This is why all of our customers benefit from having a personal relationship with their provider and know their connectivity is being taken care of.

ISDN Switch Off: How will it affect your connectivity?

The highly anticipated ISDN switch off has already had a significant impact on the broadband infrastructure across the UK. With traditional connectivity products like ADSL and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) being reliant on the old analogue lines, these products are no longer available to install since the ‘Stop Sell’ in 2023. A new connectivity product has entered the market called SoGEA, which is a future-proof alternative to FTTC, still providing similar speeds and performance but without the need for a telephone line. The rollout of Full Fibre is also taking place across the UK giving more businesses access to fibre optic broadband than ever before. 

Unsure of the best product for your business?

With so many options available, choosing the best connectivity product for your business can be a tricky task. By choosing Violet as your provider, one of our experts will be able to help you in your decision and advise on the best product for your requirements. Using our broadband checker, we can find out exactly what products are available in your area and source you the the best deals.

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